Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Problems Solved


Well, I ran into this blog post, when checking out the High Definite a little bit ago..

So you should probably go read the article, but its summary is that the Cowboys' domain name and main website had to be re-purchased after a matter of hours.

Somehow this is supposed to be somewhere near as relevant as the loss of Tony Romo, and the changing of coaches mid-season.

That website nor its domain is nothing compared to the devastating effects concerning the franchise QB, and it's head coach is concerned.

Who the next big-name head coach is is not significant either, really. One of the big boys will be hired right after week-17 - unless, and only unless, Jason Garrett does something spectacular. But that's doubtful.

They'll show signs, they'll win a few games. Romo will come back and play. Stephen McGee will make a big name for himself. Marion Barber will likely not be a Cowboy after this season.

Next year might not be spectacular, but it could be. I'll stay tuned.

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