Monday, July 1, 2013

The Rattlesnake We Found a Few Nights Ago (OC)


Mine (Click 'em to enlarge!)

It was about 2 feet long, and as big around as my thumb.. 4 little rattles. I was watering at 11pm, with a little flashlight (NEVER AGAIN), and one of those little green lizards caught my eye on the plant just nearer to me than the one I was watering. Down on the ground I saw the snake slither by, back next to the outside of the garage door, and I almost had a heart attack. It took us about 45 minutes, but we finally figured out a way to get it into an easy enough position to kill it. That method was the wife beating it repeatedly with the flat of a broom. (Thinking back it was rather comical..) After she had it stunned quite a bit, I was able to get close enough to chop it hard behind the head, with a flat-edge shovel.. We don't have a hoe.

And no, I don't live out in the country! This is the first one I've ever found at this house, and I've lived here 11+ years. Many have been found nearby - where my Mom lives, and where my sister lives - but first one here. It's also the first one I've had to deal with. I hope we can go another 10 years before seeing one again!

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