Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Drafting a Fantasy QB Early

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This was a cool graphic I found - making the point that most fantasy football owners who drafted top QBs early are likely to be losing this season.

Updating this graphic with week-3's stats, Rodgers had about 8 in week-3 against the Seahawks. In week-3 of 2011 (and I have no idea why this is N/A in the graphic to begin with), Rodgers had about 24.

So the graphic is, in fact very accurate - in that if you drafted a top-5 or top-6 QB this year, you are likely not winning much so far this year.

I tried to get Cam Newton in most leagues, but I wound up getting Michael Vick. After the season I had last year (waiting a long time to draft a QB) I wasn't about to do it again. Trying to get Vick was still pretty early (probably 6th or 7th QB drafted), and he's got 9 turnovers through 3 games. The league in which I have been starting Romo is 3-0.

If you waited for a QB this season (unlike most seasons) you are probably doing very well.

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