Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spurs Update: Western Conference Finals

Yeah I know I'm way behind. But I'll post two games right here right now. The way my Spurs are playing it's not gonna make me lose any sleep for doing so.

Game-4 in OKC was totally different than game-3 as I'm sure my Spurs welcomed the challenge of finally losing a game. Game-4 began with a lot of great interior play from the OKC big-men. But we would take the early lead 13-5 after some key jumpers by Tony, Kawhi, and Danny Green. We would then go up 19-12, and then the Thunder would hold us scoreless for almost 3 minutes. With 2 minutes to go in the 1st-Q, the Thunder led 22-19. Captain Jack and Manu had something to say, though, as the 1stQ would up tied 26-26.

Serge Ibaka opened up with a couple jumpers, as our offense took a dump. After another Ibaka dunk, and a Westbrook three, it was 43-33 with 4:43 left in the 2ndQ. Timmy, Jack, and Diaw kept us in it while Ibaka and Durant netted 4 more each. Once again our 2nd quarter performance lacked .. well, everything. At the half, we were down 12... 55-43. Jeeeez! As Pop always does at halftime, the guys get in gear, and Leonard, Diaw, and Duncan combined for 10 right quick. But Ibaka would hit two FTs, followed by another surge from both Ibaka and Durant.

Again down by 12, Duncan, Jack, and Manu would pull us back to within two! It was a massive, and necessary 10-0 run and it certainly quieted the OKC crowd. Manu has been Manu and he not to be denied. After 3-Qs OKC led 75-71.

Ibaka continued his perfection, and Harden would net 5 straight. The Spurs resolve appeared.. we would do everything we could possession to possession to stay in the game. Duncan. Leonard. Jackson.

But then Kevin Durant did this:

Enlarge!                                                                                                     Source

16 straight for OKC, and what a beast! James Harden then hit a critical three, and just like that we were down 9. Timmy, Neal, and Green would hit key shots in the last minute, but OKC hit enough FTs down the stretch to take it. Ibaka had a perfect game: 26 pts. 11 of 11 shooting 5 rebs. 3 blks. Perkins had 15-9. We did well on Durant, except for the dominating 4th-Q, and additionally on Westbrook & Harden. They were a combined 6 of 23.
Ibaka went 11 for 11 - Image Source (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

Kawhi was our player of the game, but Timmy had 21-8. Thunder D seriously did a number on our offense. Here's ESPN's boxscore..

No doubt game-5 is gonna be one of the best games in recent memory!

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