Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tick Causing Meat Allergies in Virginia

Apparently there is a species of tick in Virginia that's causing quite a scare to many, many people. A bite from this tick can supposedly cause an allergy to MEAT.

Hmmm... Something tells me PETA might be behind this one.
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Nevertheless, here is the story.

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  1. its true, my daughter has it and its only when she eats a lot of red meat. i know several others in our town that has it to.

  2. That's terrible! Ticks aren't too bad down here in Texas, but we just got through ridding our house of a very mild case of bedbugs. I LOVE meat, so I'll say it would definitely suck if it happened to me. Hopefully for your daughter they'll find some type of reversal medication. I'll keep you guys in my thoughts!