Monday, May 21, 2012

Western Conference Finals are Set!

Thanks to the Oklahoma City Thunder closing the Lakers 4-1 a little bit ago, the Western Conference Finals are now set. Sunday night it will all begin. Not sure why they are waiting until Sunday, but I don't make the schedule. As always games 1&2 are in SA, and 3&4 are in OKC. Then 5&7 if necessary would be in SA, and 6 if necessary would be in OKC.

Last night the Clippers gave us everything they had - taking us right down to the wire. I was actually glad the Spurs got to experience a close game for the first time in quite a while. Spurs had SIX guys in double figures, and Chris Paul had his best game of the series, with with 23pts., 11 asst., and 6reb.! Griffin had another strong game with 21, and a few spectacular dunks, but CP3 had TWO chances at the end, but didn't get it done either time. Spurs pulled it out 102-99 for a second straight 4-0 sweep, and our 18th straight win. I'm not gonna write a review, but I'll certainly post ESPN's Spurs/Clippers game-4 recap, as well as EPSN's boxscore..

Bring it on OKC - See you Sunday!

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