Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spurs Update

Gregg Popovich - 2011-2012 NBA CoY - Image Source

Just prior to game-2 against the Utah Jazz Wednesday night, the Spurs head coach and general manager was presented with the 2011-2012 NBA Coach of the Year award by David Robinson and Tim Duncan. A nice little humble ceremony to precede game-2, it was. However, game-2 against the Jazz is the only game of the 2011-2012 season that I missed entirely, so since I can't really provide my own review without cheating, I'll just link you to the Associated Press's recap of Spurs/Jazz game-2, which is exactly the same at both ESPN's and NBA's websites.

What was so important that I missed it? Well, the Mass Chaos Tour with Godsmack, Staind, Halestorm, and Man Made Machine. But that's for a later post. Believe me, I was very UPSET when I found out the NBA had scheduled the first three games of this series Sun-Wed-Sat.. rather than say Sun-Tues-Thu, or Sun-Tues-Fri.. knowing that the concert, for which we had bought tickets several months ago, was on this night.

At any rate, I expected to be able to hang out in the foyer of the Alamodome's Illusions Theater from tip-off (6pm) to about 8:25 when Staind was supposed to begin. Would you believe that despite nearly 11,000 residents of the San Antonio area at this concert, there wasn't ONE friggin TV with the game on?

So I called my Mom a couple times, and found the game-center on my "stupid" smart phone. I noticed the 20-0 run because I had just noticed it was 31-26 before going outside to have a smoke, and check again. Upon my 2nd call to my Mom, it said 46-26, and we talked while Danny Green hit a three. So when I hung up it was 53-28. I checked a few more times, while waiting in line wayyy tooo
Kawhi gets my game ball (17pts. on 6 of 7) - Image Source (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

long for beer, and once I saw 101-66, I stopped worrying about it. I took solace in the fact that I missed a sweet blowout - rather than a sweet nail-biter.

No Jazz player had more than 10 points, although they did have 7 players with 8+. On the other hand 7 Spurs scored in double-figures, plus one with 9 points. Looking at the stats and the play-by-play, it was obvious that we were determined to prove our defensive abilities, as the Jazz shot just 34% for the game, and only 1 of 6 from three. The Spurs' dominating 114-83 WIN was our 12th win in a row! Here is the boxscore..

Game-3 is Saturday in Salt Lake City at 9pm CDT, and game-4 is Monday, with tip-off time still TBA. I expect much more energy from the Jazz, as well as a hostile crowd. It's always tough to win in Utah.

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