Monday, May 28, 2012

I Hit a Raccoon (OC)

So yeah on my drive to pick up my wife from the airport, I hit a raccoon. I had exactly 1 second to react, and let me tell ya', this guy must've wanted to die. I didn't run him over, but rather hit him with the under-carriage of the car. I had a second to hit the brakes, but it didn't matter, and I didn't exactly slam them on. Never go into serious evasive maneuvers for anything smaller than a deer, I think, right? It's not like I could've anyway. It was very loud, and took forever - it seemed like I dragged him a half-mile or so.

A few minutes later everything that I could still hear underneath the car was gone, and the next thing I notice is the A/C isn't cooling any more. Great!

The body damage (yeah it's only a wimpy little bumper) is one thing, and our $50 deductible is cool! But how huge of an issue is this A/C thing?

This A/C thing:

Damn raccoon! I'm pretty sure it was a raccoon - it was bigger than a cat. And I saw the markings of a raccoon. I hope it wasn't someone's dog!

The crazy thing is on the way back, I slowed down and looked around exactly where I remember hitting it. I had to clear my conscience. But I never found anything. The way it sounded, I would've expected it to be lying there in a gigantic pile of nasty. Oh well..

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