Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spurs Update

Friday night at the AT&T Center the Spurs welcomed the New Orleans Hornets for the 4th time this season. All three of the previous ones were pretty close (2 were very close). This time, however, I expected something a little more impressive, the way we've been playing (9 straight wins).

Once again we were active inside early, as Tony had a several lay-ups, and Blair and Duncan both were pretty much scoring at will. The three combined for our first 16 points. It wasn't long before the game would take its shape. Manu would 7 of his own and the Spurs had a 34-24 1st-Q lead. Neal, Jack, and Diaw would chip in as well, while Carl Landry was carrying the Hornets. Ever since the score was 29-23 late in the 1st-Q, we would go on a 16-5 run (45-28), followed by another non-stop run that began with the score 48-36. Only 5½ minutes later the halftime score was 72-45 - so yeah,
Image Source (AP Photo/Darren Abate) - Pop proving his worth for CoY tonight

that's a 24-9 run, and our highest half of the season. By this point the Spurs were shooting a CRAZY 70+%.

Eric Gordon came out strong, and within 3 minutes our 27-pt. lead had shrunk to 20. We would again respond inside for possession after possession, but Gordon, Chris Kaman, and Greivis Vasquez would have a different plan. Our lead was now just 16 (85-69). Our second group was doing the most damage this game, so Pop put in Patty Mills with them, and things took off again. A 16-4 run later the 3rd-Q would end with the score 99-73 in our favor. Again - our largest 3Q output of the season.

Whatever lineup Pop put out there continued to dominate, so the rest of the game was pretty much a formality, as I would've bet the farm they wouldn't come back. They didn't. Tiago Splitter, Neal, and James Anderson carried us the rest of the way - with a little help from our new diamond in the rough, Patty Mills. The dominating 128-103 WIN was our highest point total of the season.

Not only that, but the Thunder lost in Indiana. And Miami lost at home to Memphis, snapping their 17-game home winning streak. And Houston beat the Lakers in LA. And Portland beat the Mavs in Dallas. So good things are upon us this night! The Spurs are now in first place, and the standings will follow. Here is the incredible boxscore.. Do notice how the points, rebounds, assists, and minutes are ALL spread-out. Yeah - that's how deep we are. We are now 27-5 since Jan. 30!

Here are the current NBA standings:

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