Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spurs Update

The San Antonio Spurs (24-10) began the second-half of the 2012 season at home Wednesday night against the Chicago Bulls (28-8). The good news, other than finally being back at home for a 7-game home stand, is we get TJ Ford and Tiago Splitter back tonight. The bad news is Kawhi Leonard still has a strained calf-muscle, and Manu has a few more games to go to rest his strained oblique.

DeJuan Blair came to play, and helped us to an early 9-2 lead. Then after a Chicago timeout, they would narrow the gap, and
Image Source (AP Photo/Darren Abate)

most of the rest of the 1st quarter would be a very defensive game. From 16-15 Tony would score our last 6 to end the 1st-Q 22-20.

Then we would get a reminder from CJ Watson. The guy can shoot. Neal, Splitter, and Timmy would keep us close, however. Then two Derrick Rose jumpers, and a Kyle Korver three forced a Popovich timeout, down 48-40. Trade buckets again, and go to the half at 50-42.

After the Bulls would jump out to a 54-43 lead, Timmy shifted into top gear, and again reminded us why he's.. well, Tim Duncan. He would fuel a 23-11 run with 12 3rd-Q points of his own. At the same time Pop's philosophy on containing Derrick Rose was working like a charm. Now the lead is ours after 3: 66-65.

Matt Bonner would open the 4th with his only three of the contest, but Watson, Ronnie Brewer, and Taj Gibson together would quickly tie it up. Gary Neal would then make 15 out of San Antonio's next 17 points, during a stretch where
Image Source (AP Photo/Darren Abate)

Rose, Korver, and Deng would score several clutch late-game buckets. But after many lead-changes, and a pair of Derrick Rose jumpers, Pop would call timeout, down 89-84 with 1:09 left.

Out of the timeout, Neal would hit the last of his Spurs'-leading 21 points (89-86). Using as much of the clock as possible, Luol Deng would hit a huge uncharacteristically wide-open three (92-86) with 0:39 left, and we'd suddenly be in foul-mode. Korver would hit two FTs, but then RJ would nail one of his only two threes of the game (94-89). And it would be our last score of the game, as the Bulls would get a couple more FTs to seal our 96-89 LOSS. Here's the boxscore..

Next up is Charlotte Friday and Denver Sunday.

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