Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some NFL Stuff

Well Peyton Manning is now a Denver Bronco. So much for all our memories of him in white and blue trim. I do actually think that he is, if not the very best, one of the top three QBs ever to play the game of football.

I've always said Joe Montana was the best ever. I also think John Elway and Dan Marino were in a class by themselves for their uniqueness at the position. Then there's Steve Young, Troy Aikman, and of course, Bart Starr & Johnny U.. Brett Favre, Roger Staubach, Fran Tarkenton, and Terry Bradshaw, etc..

Then there's Tom Brady, who is probably at this very second, the 2nd best of all-time. Peyton could very easily change this. Could he unseat Joe Montana in my mind? Maybe, but the next 2-3 years will surely tell. It's no secret that I hate the Patriots like no other team in the league. And as much as I respect Brady for being such a great player, I must mention that the season when he went down was rather pleasurable. But although diverging, this adds to the dilemma: As happy as most Brady-haters were, the Pats went 11-5 that 2008 season. The Colts just embarrassed themselves with a 2-14 record in 2011 without Manning. Hmmm...

They now have the 1st overall pick in the upcoming NFL draft, and will probably take Stanford's Andrew Luck, or possibly Baylor's Robert Griffin III. Meanwhile, WR Pierre Garcon, TE Dallas Clark, RB Joseph Addai, and QB Curtis Painter have all been waived. (Source)

Not only that, but Peyton Manning has apparently un-retired Frank Tripuka's #18 so he can wear it, himself. Did I really just read this? Did he really just say this?

So then possible clipboard holder Tim Tebow goes from being yesterday's news in Denver literally to today's news in New York, as he is officially a member of the NY Jets. Mark Sanchez now must have a perfect season. I just hope the powers that be in the Jets organization subdue the drama from day-1, and allow the guy to play 7-10 plays a game regardless of Sanchoke's performance.

Meanwhile my Cowboys have done a great job this off-season. Terence Newman was cut, thank God, and newly signed free agents are CB Brandon Carr from KC, QB Kyle Orton, S Brodney Pool, RB(FB) Lawrence Vickers, G's Mackenzy Bernadeau & Nate Livings, and LB Dan Connor from CAR. Now onto the draft! (Source)

Pittsburgh WR Hines Ward retired. It's pretty sad. The guy was a faithful WR for the Steelers for 14 years! Not only that, the Steelers were his faithful employer for the entire duration. And he was pretty darn good..

This whole "bounty" thing that's been going on for the last several weeks with the Saints, and a handful of other teams, really has me upset. Today one of the best coaches in the league was suspended for a FULL season because of someone else's bounty system. No way did Sean Payton deserve this punishment. Gregg Williams has been banned indefinitely, but he should've been the sole victim in all of this. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made an example of too many parties involved in this fiasco. And the worst part is the person who initially spilled the beans should be beaten to a pulp.

All joking aside, I have no doubt this type of thing goes on in almost every locker room. What is not being understood is that the bounties are not for injuries, but rather game-changing plays. Football is a physical game, and while I appreciate the efforts of late to keep the game as safe as possible for its players, I think they have now gone too far. Here is what former SF/DEN/OAK LB Bill Romanowski had to say about it.

What's next? Banning a boxer from boxing because he hurt someone?

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