Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spurs Update

Image Source - (Associated Press Photos)

11-game winning streak? What winning streak? No Manu. No Splitter. No TJ Ford. Pop chose to rest both Duncan and Parker, and what resulted was a supreme beat-down by the Trail Blazers in Portland Tuesday night. All the youngsters played this one, and actually did pretty well in my opinion. Portland hit 8 threes in the 1st Q, and we were never able to erase that huge deficit. We would close the gap to 16 (59-43) late in the 2nd Q, but it was all downhill after that, as we'd be down by as much as 47 at one point. Yikes!

Spurs had 6 in double figures, led by Kawhi Leonard who finished with 24 & 10, plus 5 steals. Portland was in scoring-fest-mode all night long without very many Spurs' big men on the floor. They had 7 in double figures, and shot 59% for the contest. The 137-97 LOSS was the 2nd worst in Duncan-era Spurs' history. Here's the boxscore if you really want to see it.

7-1 on the Rodeo road trip, which concludes tonight in Denver before the 5-day all-star break.

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