Monday, January 30, 2012

Spurs Update

Sunday night in Dallas, we actually came out hot, and it looked like it was gonna be an easy one - the way the Mavs looked out of the gate. But behind 10-4, Dallas called an early timeout, and things changed. Mavs picked it up, our shots weren't falling - at all, throughout the whole first half. Jason Terry and Vince Carter were making almost everything they put up. Down 24-18 after 1 Q, and down 51-40 at the half.

I can't summarize the rest any better than this short video does:

Video Source

I will say there were several bad calls in crunch time. Dirk's traveling in the final seconds.. a hard foul on Tiago underneath, the out-of-bounds call that they spent 5 minutes reviewing ..they got wrong, and Marion on the final play may have fouled Matt Bonner 3 times in 3 seconds. But we shouldn't be giving the ball to Bonner in that situation anyway. Wait - he shouldn't have even been in the game at that point, much less in the position to take the 1st option inbounds-pass. And, If there's 0.6 rather than 0.5 on the clock when Danny Green takes that final shot, we win - game over. It was that close.

Gary Neal - You've gotta make that free throw! It was a gimme-bonehead foul anyway. MAKE THEM PAY! Here's the box score.

Spurs LOSE 101-100 in OT. If the playoffs started tomorrow, we'd miss-out! Sigh. C'mon guys...

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