Tuesday, November 1, 2011

C'Mon Man

Was it bothering anyone else that the Monday Night Football announcers for the San Diego/Kansas City game kept pronouncing Ryan Succop's name as "Ryan Suck-Up"??

I mean get with the program everyone.. How do you pronounce the name Philip (or Phillip)?

It's " `Fill - ǝp" That's an upside down 'e' and it's called a "schwa". It denotes a neutral pronunciation sound, which is present in thousands of English words, as a part of the NON-STRESSED syllable of 2-syllable words.

Same thing with syrup.

You don't say "Sear Up"... nor do you say "Phil Up." The accents are on the 1st syllables. `Sear-ǝp AND `Phil-ǝp


Everyone try it now..

Thank you. /End rant


  1. I heard it, thought they were just being ignorant jerks. The game was boring, I quit watching it. Too many delays for automatic reviews and second looks.

  2. Yeah there were wayyy too many calls in that game, period. Bad ones, unnecessary ones.. just needed to let the guys play football, which is something all of football has lost of lot of these days.