Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Some Tips For Tipping

Tipping dates back to 18th century England, when an urn would be placed in pubs with a simple sign that read, "To Insure Promptitude." This was later shortened to the acronym T.I.P. or "tip," as it is currently called. While originally a way of ensuring good service, tipping is now expected at most businesses where a personal service is performed.

Some establishments include a tip or gratuity on your bill no matter how small the size of your party, but this is rare. Rather, tipping is an expected and essential part of any experience. In most cases, employees working in industries where tipping is expected make less than minimum wage, and rely heavily on tips. At present, average pay for waiters and waitresses is $2.12 per hour, most or all of which is used to pay taxes on their reported tips.

How do you know when and whom to tip? How much is the appropriate amount? (Source)

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