Monday, August 1, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011: A First Look

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All these teams are making tons of moves, and yet a crappy team - like the Bills - do nothing. OK very little. Lots of new young QBs in the league.. Who do the Raiders have? Just J.Campbell & K.Boller. Ouch! And who are their WRs? The same ones you remember from the last few years, except now Jacoby Ford is ahead of all of them. Ford-Murphy-HeywardBey-Schillens -............

Ndmunkong Suh and Nick Fairley - together? OMG.. I feel sorry for Detroit's opposing QBs.

#1 projected RB: A.Foster -- #1 projected WR: A.Johnson -- Wut? It'll never happen, not this year.. not this team.

The Cincinnati Bengals' #1 WR is Jerome Simpson. Who? #2 WR is rookie AJ Green. Goodbye Carson, Ocho, TO, ...and fans. Wait - We got Cedric back..

Chiefs have now given Matt Cassel tons of good targets to throw to. With Charles in the backfield, this offense could be even better than they were last year. Go look at their WR corps now.

Ochocinco - if he ended this coming season as the #1 fantasy WR, would you be surprised?

Panthers got J.Shockey AND G.Olsen?? Bears now have only K.Davis as an adequate receiver. Saints will be just fine with J.Graham.

Could Seahawks fans be any more upset? Sidney Rice is a great add, but WRs don't do very well with bad QBs. I smell 30 carries a game for Lynch, with which he likely won't live up to the expectations he foreshadowed in last year's playoffs.

Cowboys? Who knows... My team could go 13-3, and they could go 6-10.

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