Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lakers Trade Rumors?

The rumor mill has spun into overdrive after an underwhelming winter, compounded by bad losses to Sacramento and Boston, prompted reports of Mitch Kupchak's openness toward a trade. Who would the Lakers move? Who could they get? How radical a shakeup are we talking? Is this the equivalent of the panic button pushed?

You can click here to continue to the rest of this article, entitled My guess? Nobody is going anywhere - by ESPN's Andy Kamenetzky.

But my purpose for this post was born when I saw a particular stat on Sportscenter just now. The Lakers are only 3 games behind last year's pace. A lot of the other stats are also very similar to last year (and the year before that even) - with the one prominent exception being Kobe Bryant's scoring average, among a few subtle others.

So why would they be considering making a trade? You know, a trade that would have to be fairly big considering there is already a lot of talent in place?

I don't have the answer - but I'm pretty certain of one thing. They wouldn't be talking about it - much less making such talk public - and especially NOW if:

• the Spurs weren't 7 games ahead of them, and on such a freakishly gaudy pace.

• the aforementioned Spurs weren't coming to town tomorrow night.

Yeah I know Boston's a few ahead as well. And there's Miami and Chicago right there, but merely a game up with 33 some odd games remaining is miniscule. Boston is doing what everyone expected. Miami is somewhat underachieving - at least according to the "experts". And Chicago is having a pretty special season so far, although enduring a few key injuries.

So with that being said, why are Mitch Kupchak (pictured above - Source), Magic Johnson, and a lot of the biased media worried enough to make a trade?

They're jealous of San Antonio! They aren't doing what we're doing! Granted we ran into a hot, inspired LaMarcus Aldridge Portland team tonight, and dropped the first game of our 9-game roadie, but hey. The same experts all think we're gonna fall on our faces and win around 62-65 games. We might lose a few on the trip, but we shall see what changes happens after Thursday night at Staples Center.

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