Sunday, January 23, 2011

How About Some Tea

Instantly change the way your co-workers affect you! If you're like most people, chances are you spend most of your week working alongside people you might not otherwise talk to.

That's the wild randomness of life! We've all thrown together like ingredients in a soup, and for the sake of the job, we've got to make it work ... even if there are times when you'd just love to staple someone in the head.

We've blended this special tea for exactly those times. The "Get Along with Your Co-Worker Tea" is spiked with exotic spices and is guaranteed to take off the day's edge. Sure, you can't make your colleagues show up on time, or pull their own weight. Or wear appropriate clothes. Or be less stupid. Or stop making weird noises while they eat. But you *can* make a cup of tea.

Its warmth will help change the way your co-workers affect you, and the added spices might even make you feel love. So go on, put on the kettle and get back to work. Someone's got to get the job done right, and that someone is often you.

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Also available at the NeatoShop is Be a Better Parent Tea!


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