Friday, December 24, 2010

No Credit Whatsoever

Are you kidding me? Here is the article.

OK so this Magic team had lost 8 of their last 9 games. They made a huge trade a few days ago, still lost two before hosting San Antonio last night. The entire pregame conversation on TNT was about this trade. All about the Magic and how well they could do, and how bad they have done. Nothing about the 25-3 Spurs, whom they're hosting.

So the game is ugly for San Antonio. It's expected. After going 25-3 and two winning streaks of 12 and 10 BEFORE Christmas, I totally understood the mentality of my Spurs tonight.

Then there is the media. All of a sudden this team who is now 17-12 grabs a ton of spotlight. Why? Because they just happened to beat the best team in the league. Any credit given to San Antonio? Of course not.

Yeah this Magic team will be fine. I just wish for once the national media would give the San Antonio Spurs the credit they totally deserve.

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