Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Rattlesnake Den Discovered

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"I was called in to remove an unknown number of snakes waiting out the winter inside of a garage of a Scottsdale, AZ home. In this video, I had discovered where they were, and went back to get my gear for the capture.

The lights are off because there is no power in the home.

These snakes have not been harmed in any way, and will be relocated to the wild as soon as possible.

All snakes will be released unharmed once the weather warms a little."

• Do not watch this video if you are afraid of snakes!

• Do not watch this video if you are afraid of the dark!

• Do not watch this video in the dark right before going to sleep if you are afraid of snakes, afraid of the dark, or hate dreaming about lots of rattlesnakes crawling around in a tiny, dark room!


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Phoenix Snake Removal Dot Com

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