Monday, October 11, 2010

Screwed By Technology

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Well it appears that Brett Favre is now pulling a Ben Roethlisberger. Or does it?

There is now something that's technologically very unique. It is the combination of Internet and incredible personal handheld machine. Of course, the cell phone. Which is now not just a phone, calendar, wristwatch, alarm clock, clock, long distance service, personal organizer, address book, roladex,

and portable answering machine. It is now something that's just as an important piece of our pocket contents as our wallet, car key, and home key. And it probably comes third.

It is now also a camera, and has also been that for some of this time. But now it is also a typewriter, instant messenger, hand held technology of the late 1990's, which used to exist on our desk. The same desk that is now analogically our desktop, or our main phone
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It is also now capable of video recording, huge file storage, mass communication, large file transfers, better online capability than most computers 10 years ago... and so on.

How many mothers had their children arrested for finding a picture of theirs, which took the camera beyond so many technological thresholds? Most girls who had such a regular picture taken of them had no idea it existed, because guys were unequipped with the technology they are today. Similarly women are now able to "take advantage" of this technology as well. And it existed because of the camera first. Now it's existing all over again because of the capabilities of this new personal attachment we carry everywhere. And it's doing so for all of us in some way!

What Big Ben did was at best a misunderstood bad incedent, and at worst worthy of the punishment he received. The girl in that case was understandably somewhat lucky in that it was someone famous who did that to her. This girl in the Brett Favre investigation is lucky for that reason. But she's also lucky for a bigger reason - and that's because she and Favre worked for the same employer at the time.

This device is now becoming a major target of judicial systems everywhere - mainly due to

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texting. How much further is society gonna go before they accept the device as a major part of everyone's lives? Are they gonna make us stop eating burgers on the way to work? What about listening to the radio? Or having a soda in a cup holder next to us? You get where I'm going.

Go easy on Favre.

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