Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Casey Anthony Trial Date Set

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Well, mark your calendars. The trial date for the homicide of of young Caylee Anthony has been set: May 2, 2011. Yep, apparently that's correct.. next year. What has a good chance to be the trial of the decade, I thought would begin in just a few months, but for some reason they are putting it off another year.

Having already pled guilty to 13 counts of check fraud, perhaps the defense needs more time. Nevertheless it is known that there is a lot of evidence the prosecution has yet to reveal to the public. Now that Casey Anthony is a felon, perhaps things change. Why not conduct the murder trial first? If she's found guilty, which I expect, that entire check fraud crap is moot, is it not? Think about it: "Death by lethal injection (or life in prison) for murder, plus an additional 13 months for check fraud." WTF?

Click the banner pic for the link, and you can go here for a lot more about this case.

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